Why keto Ruined my Health? – Lying Keto of 2021

Why keto Ruined my Health

If you ever thought that keto ruined my health then you need to think of ketosis as a whole. You may suffer from symptoms in the short term but ketosis can provide you weight loss in the long run. When you start the ketogenic diet the whole metabolism is changed.

Ketogenic diet is the diet that restricts the usage of carbohydrates and increases the usage of the protein.  Usually body uses the carbohydrates for energy and stores the fats for later use. When you cut the supply of carbohydrates, body has no other option than to use the fats for energy.

Body uses the fats by generating the ketones. The ketones take the fats to the liver where energy is extracted from them. When the body deprived of carbohydrates you can experience hunger craving, loss of energy, and keto flu.

However, these are short terms symptoms but when the symptoms are passed you can have long term weight loss. When the short term symptoms kicks in people complained that keto ruined my health. These people are not seeing the big picture [1].

Why keto Ruined my Health

Is is True to Say that Keto Ruined my Health?

You might say that keto ruined my health when you are having the symptoms. The keto diet is strict and hard to follow, having symptoms in addition to the diet is a bummer. When you somehow follow the diet the side effects of the keto diet can take away your motivation.

What Can You Do?

There are different things that you can do to avoid the side effects of ketosis, you can introduce the diet gradually and you need to avoid the hard exercise in the start of the diet. By introducing the keto diet gradually you can tell your body that metabolism is going to change so adapt to the new metabolism.

Keto Dietary Supplements

By keeping the symptoms in mind the keto dietary supplements are made. The dietary supplements often contain BHB as the key ingredient. The BHB can mimic the natural action of the ketones. The ketones can speed up the utilization of the fats.

When more and more fats are used for energy, body can become full of energy. When body has more than normal energy, it can avoid the symptoms of ketosis. You can feel like you are full and this can avoid the hunger craving that can come with the keto diet.

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Are keto Dietary Supplements Safe?

Most Dietary Supplements claims that they are made from all natural material and all natural material usually do not have the side effects.  However, you should avoid both the diet as well as the supplement if you are suffering from any disease.

If you have any medical condition you can ask your doctor about the diet and about the supplements. The keto supplements are the dietary supplement and FDA does not approve the dietary supplements because they are not intended to cure or treat anything so you can ask your doctor before having the supplements.

Dose of Keto Dietary Supplements

The dose of the keto dietary supplements is usually written on the box of the pill. Generally it is recommended that you have 2 pills in a day half an hour before the meal. You can also have 3 pills in a day but you need to avoid the overdose.

Overdosing can provide you more harm than good. So, avoid the keto dietary supplements overdose. You can have 2 pills in a day or 3 pills according to the description of the body or from your doctor.

If your doctor restricts you from having the supplement you should not follow it and the other way around.